Asset Management

Investment funds are a promising segment of the Ukrainian stock market.

Investment funds provide a number of opportunities:

• implementation of its own investment strategy in the Ukrainian stock market;
• the possibility of financing their own investment projects;
• full control over the investment activities and cash flows of the fund;
• the possibility of organizing a parallel financing system for several investment projects, the effective redistribution of financial resources between projects.

The main advantages of investment funds are:

• minimizing risks by investing in various tools and projects;
• the opportunity to attract small investors in large investment projects;
• protection of investor rights, manifested in the separation of asset management functions, their storage and accounting between the asset management company and the depository institution;
• optimization of the tax burden of investors due to incentive tax legislation in this area. Tax liabilities arise only when receiving payments from the fund in the form of dividends or when selling securities of the fund.

The reliability of investing in funds is ensured, first of all, by an effective system of protecting the assets of fund investors, information transparency and a high degree of state regulation, in particular, by severe restrictions imposed by the existing regulatory framework on the activities of asset management companies.

Comprehensive support of CIF activities on the basis of an asset management agreement provides for a full range of services related to asset management, as well as amendments to the CIF documents in connection with their occurrence.

Our cooperation with clients is built on trust – through the mechanisms we have proposed, the client gets the opportunity to actively participate in the CIF. The authorized representatives of investors are entitled, as members of the Supervisory Board of CIF, to participate in the conclusion of transactions related to asset management together with the asset management company, and thereby fully monitor the activities of the CIF and AMC.

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