Useful Links


Government bodies:

Ministry of Statistics of Ukraine      

State Property Fund of Ukraine                   

National Bank of Ukraine         

National Securities and Stock Market Commission      

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine          

Ministry of Finance of Ukraine       

General Directorate of Public Service of Ukraine          

State Customs Service of Ukraine    

State Department of Food of Ukraine   

Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine    

Ministry of Justice of Ukraine     

National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine    

State Tax Administration of Ukraine            

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine           

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine         

Supreme Court of Ukraine       

GUBOP Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine        

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine            

Security Service of Ukraine           

State Concern of Alcohol and Distillery Industry “Ukrspirt”       

Information Center of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine           

State Inspectorate for Energy Saving                   

The Supreme Arbitration Court of Ukraine        

Ministry of Ukraine for Emergencies          

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine         

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine            

National Sports Committee of Ukraine          

Ministry of Culture and Art of Ukraine     

Pension benefits in Ukraine    

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine  

High Council of Justice of Ukraine            

State Committee for the Protection of the State Border of Ukraine           

National Space Agency of Ukraine         

National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting   

State Committee for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship


Ukrainian stock exchanges:

Kiev International Stock Exchange                     

Donetsk Stock Exchange              

Dnieper Stock Exchange

Ukrainian Stock Exchange                    

Stock section of the Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange     

Stock section of the Kiev Universal Exchange      


Foreign stock exchanges:

Budapest Stock Exchange

Warsaw Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange           


Moscow Stock Exchange

New York Stock Exchange

Prague Stock Exchange

German Exchange Group                          


Electronic trading systems:

First Stock Trading System (PFTS)              

South Ukrainian trade and information system            


Foreign electronic trading systems:

Russian Trading System (RTS)                   



Information Systems:

Wallstreet Stock System         

Ukrainian bill and stock system Sell & Buy     

SJSC “National network of auction centers”        



National Depository of Ukraine (NDU)           



News agencies:

Information agency “Interfax-Ukraine”

UNIAN News Agency

Information agency “Observer”

Information agency “Expressinform”

Ukrainian News News Agency

Information Agency APK-Inform

Russian news agency “News”

Ukrainian National News Agency “Ukrinform”

Internews-Ukraine News Agency


Ukrainian electronic publications:

Daily edition about Ukraine

Electronic News an overview of the main events of the day

Ukrainian news network “”

Information business portal “Liga On-line”


“Ukrainian truth”

Business Information Agency “Context”

Banking news

All about the banks of Ukraine

MIG News



“Expert Center” Internet newspaper       


Ukraine criminal

“Infonews” – news every hour                        

Political online publication PART.ORG.UA                    


The first analytical portal about the mining industry     

Business portal on the real sector of the economy             

Public communication       


Electronic periodicals:

Ukrainian investment newspaper   

Business week

Galician contracts

Mirror of the week

Information project “Finance”   

Business weekly magazine Companion

Newspaper of the Ukrainian bourgeoisie “Business”   

Capital news

Business capital

Weekly 2000

Daily Ukrainian newspaper “Day”           

Today newspaper

Daily All-Ukrainian newspaper “Facts”         


Financial Information Servers:

Ukraine’s bond market     

Financial news from the ING Ukraine Bank        

Ukrainian financial server            

Financial portal

Business Information Network                    

Infinservice financial site             

Stock monitor of Ukraine      



Professional Association of Registrars and Depositories         

Ukrainian Association of Investment Business         

Association of stock market participants in Ukraine        


Rating Agencies:

Slavrating Rating Agency                 

Financial portal of the company Credit rating                       

Standard & Poor’s International Rating Agency    

International Rating Agency Moodys